Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fluff and Skye

the sky made me nervous. 
with it always looking down on me. 
waiting to swallow me. i prayed for 
rain because then it would always 
be busy, busy with something else. 
paying no attention to me. 
while i paid all my attention to it. 
the sky. 
so vast and high above me. 
once i stopped fearing it, 
i wanted to be apart of it. 
high, up there, among fluff. 
i get tired of the overwhelming 
state of earth i am in, 
this ground, has me grounded, 
and i hated when my parents would 
try, try to ground me, that's why 
i ran away. 
and feared the sky. 
than got high. 
embraced the sky. 
met a guy name Skye. 
he wanted to take me higher. 
i'd soon give in to his fluff. 
he'd crack it. 
burn it. 
shoot it. 
pass it. 
help me. 
we'd go there. 
up, way, way way, up. 
he looked beautiful, 
my own piece of the Skye. 
grounded and high, 
floating with me. 
my parents would call, 
random payphones, 
payphones i had pleaded to them on. 
pleaded to let me come home, 
for the fear of my Skye. 
blue eyes, fluff, i'd confuse the two. 
for my Skye and sky were intertwined. 
calling me into a deeper blue, 
one both sad, and high, and lovely. 
Skye came crashing down, 
broke into a million tiny pieces, 
all shaped like stars. 
i took it as a sign. 
laid in my parents empty pool. 
the blue was always something i 
wanted to be close too. 
they found me, 
took me in, 
got me to a different place in my life. 
the only time i get close to the sky 
and a high now is when i am traveling. 
on a silver bird, filled with jet fuel. 
gets me to a happy place, 
i am better now than i have ever been.

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