Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Let's Not Offend the Catfish

you lack a moral code, and although i am entirely unsure if i even have one of those, i know for fact that you do not because of the way your face sits there on your head and your head is situated upon this tree stump of a neck and your shoulders look soggy. soggy shoulders are a good clue that any sort of moral code is missing because shoulders like that couldn't carry the weight of anything. their stale, you're stale and i know the risky business you would get into and the shadowed paths you would take to get there. this doesn't make you tough and it doesn't make you hardcore, your shoulders are a dead giveaway that you would never be those two things. you've got no substance, and the moral code well it gives you some stuffing, defines the contours of your body and protrudes like a self declaration of personality. you lack a moral code and i believe you to be a bottom feeder being, not even a catfish because i believe a catfish would have some sort of code.. and well that and catfish don't have shoulders so i can't see the definition of themselves. but you. i feel absolute pity for your shoulders, and the weight of that worthless head they have to carry around filled with nothing, a drought of disgust. i mean just look in the mirror, your pores are oozing with lack of moral code and pure self hate.

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