Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Calendar Inked Predictions

the swift flick of a pen, creating a date in your calendar, in the blank space that haunted you for months. a plan forming, in the air, this thing you cannot hold, but the pen creates a date and even that may not be tangible but you can feel it's weight as you close the binding of your agenda. the anticipation makes it swell. i've been missing you for so long, you don't even know. only my calendar knows, it's been trying to harbor the intense amount of want that i have for that day. i cannot wait to come back, and to see you again. there is another daunting square that rest slightly behind this one, and it reminds me that i will have to come back and even that thrills me a bit, this bittersweet pretzel of coming and going, but surely i like leaving and i most certainly like staying.. and for a while i hope i stay with you, a little bit longer as the doors close and i am long gone ahead, but i stay there in your memories, a stain glass image formed upon your irises. 

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