Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hatred in the Glow of Your Computer Screen

These morbid cyber relationships where everyone comes to flaunt their plastic affection is bound to melt by all of your over heated technologies. For there is a breech in privacy when you experience things organically. The words are less computed and more muted but the feeling is stronger than your Internet connection. The birds use to tweet but now the people are fleeting to make birds out of themselves. I could find your face in the Book and scroll through all the empty compliments warped in the glow of your computer screen. Please look closely at all the animated knives you do not see because out in the real world without wifi or dial up without hour glasses loading, there is a sky and clouds floating and everyone is surely talking shit about everyone. Don't be fooled by the sense of validation your web browser gives you. You're off to a site with people that hate you and you've equally spread your own share of precious viruses on this loopy trip we call the net. We're all in it, the net, this trap, begging for us to document everything. Encode your life before it goes viral. We're all just marketing a different brand of hatred. We're just a bunch of Internet monsters disguised as friends, fans.. 

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