Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You're Far More Attractive On Paper

we met at a party, i left alone stain lipped and light headed. i spotted you at the grocery store, you might've pretended not to see me but the way you navigated through the produce was heavenly. i stood behind you in line at the coffee shop and your hair smelt just like wood chips and mango. i mowed your lawn before i mowed mine, i could see you sitting in your living room fanning yourself with an old magazine, i tried to count the beads of sweat that gathered on your collar bone. you probably thought i was squinting because of the sun. at the dinner party we were both invited too, i sat diagonally from you and kept refilling your wine glass before i'd pour my own. you folded and unfolded your napkin seventeen and a half times. you cut me off on my way too work, but i didn't mind driving behind you. i write about you in my journal, and you're always far more attractive in pen then in person.

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