Friday, January 3, 2014

Chronic Whip Cream

Most of the time I order things that come with 
whip cream just for the whip cream.
I think you might be catching onto me. 
That I am always casting my eyes around, 
trying to peer inside of things that don't have insides.
I think I've misplaced a piece of me on the streetcar 
and I am hoping that when it returns to me, 
it will tell me all it has seen.
I am emotionally invested in all the wrong stocks. 
I've fallen in love with tangible items that will
never love me back, this might be the easiest kind of love.
I cannot see the MTV moon man from my balcony, 
but I squint and try real hard.
The notifications that come to my phone, 
notify me others are dancing and making 
funny faces no where near me.
I am a chronic snacker, 
large meals are daunting and demand attention. 
My focus is fleeting and I can't love the macaroni the way you do.

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