Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Morbid Mourning

Apart of the cattle today.
Herding from one mode of transportation to foot.
Following in succession behind another bloke
who looks just like me, might feel just like me,
might even be going to the same place as me.
He looked a lot more worried.
I was worried, but about the weather
or maybe if I was running late.
Or maybe I was worried about the
expiration date on my milk in the 
community refrigerator. 

Had I remembered to start the dishwasher?

I thought this morning, while I trudged along,
apart of the cattle, tagged, no name.
Heading off to some corporate pasture.
Stocked with fresh paper, pens, tasks.

I thought.

If a random act of terrorism; 
mother nature,
bodily defect, 
happened right then and there,
while I was in the limbo of concrete,
between outside and inside,
the hovering space between subway and mall..

If something happened right then and there.
I would instantly be apart of this group.
Remembered and forgotten, instantly.
I thought I could go, now could be the time.
It could happen and I would be a newspaper
headline, a number in a list, a name on a stone.

These things happen everywhere.
They could easily happen to me.

I wondered this morning
what the toll would be.

And would it be higher because 
it was negative forty one degrees.

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