Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Dislike, I Am Fond Of

going in for the kill, not searching for blood. why bother with a mess that will leave no importance to me afterwards. i dont want the hassle of you, no more. forgetting you, never. i will not give you such satisfaction, as if to forget you would bring you happiness and i am not bringing you anything, of any sort. except i would smile if you frowned at the thought of me because i am still provoking some sort of energy within and that too me is amusing. you are nothing. worthless, entirely. a sliver of mankind that doesn't affect me. distanced, not really but this is my world, and you wont be an advertisment within it. assaulting the scenary, with your empty amunition, im waiting to see just when to react. you think it's over. not really, directly yes. indirectly no. this will constantly remind you in places you never thought it would. and your name will forever be tainted by emotions you have enflamed with actions and sudden dislike. which is fantastic, so chic. i like the way you wear your dislike for me, it shines in the daylight and sparkles in the moonlight, and under the appropriate street light it emulates for all the world to see, and they are suddenly captivated by me, and i am not even around, but the cuffs of your sleeve and the soles of your shoes will be so aware of me that all the people will clap. you will smile in adoration, but note that these people aren't giving you the time of day without recapping on pieces of me, and the encouragement you will recieve to further dislike me will be the perfect bullet. save your compassion for the fakest of hearts, and if you do faint, and fall on the rocks i will be ever to happy to appauld your act, and not for your talent but for the end of the clock.

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