Monday, August 8, 2011

Let's ZigZag

unsure of where i'm stepping, i might step on you and not even notice. my eyes seem to be pulling to a whole other dimension these days, and for sometime, they have settled on you. it's not a big predicament, and i don't want you to up and walk away because of the pleading of my pupils. does this make you feel uncomfortable because the sudden comfortability of my soul is nerve racking. go ahead, guess who, i'm willing to give you more than i think ever and i think everyone will notice, a constant notice, ads wanting to push into my space, look into my place and i want to take you there. randomized issues bubble poppin' at the incidental things i'm about to open and the constant hurried madness of my foot steps to the abrupt slowness of it all, is strange. i must tell you this doesn't happen, not with the sun, not with the rain and now i've got nothing and i'm want to give you everything and that indeed could flare up unreasonable problems, but let's have problems, let's make things break and fix them, i'm scared, may i borrow your hands, to cover my eyes and feel your heart beat within your fingertips suddenly flutter on my eyelashes and blood with strengthen and truth be told, i've got many truths to spill on the canvas.

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