Thursday, August 18, 2011

Your A City

a beautiful dance we've mastered with such radiant knowledge. you know, i know but they say the first step is admitting you have a problem, we are such a perfect problem. floating hope, like the optimistic do, casting their minds to the side and allow themselves to forget it all. i can't forget, but i choose to remember, and i'm feeling. feeling like a city.. all bright and alive all busy and running. we're running. we love this run, a run for our money a run for our time. lost in our minds in ourselves. i'm swimming within your thoughts and i'm drowning in my thoughts of you. this is a different kind of lifestyle. magazines have not yet glorified what we have found in one another, and no cosmo quiz could determine your gooeyness you have found for me. are you tired, from running, running around my mind and counting all the songs i've linked to pieces of you, times and moments, all shared so quickly that when the radio decides to play them i have snapshot adventures with all the things ive said, ive done. can i say more, do more, im really trying to do this right. but what is right! this city doesn't help me and i cant help myself and i cant help myself. i'm drunk at an AA meeting, and you've tagged along with me, like i stumbled in with the bottle.. half empty, totally warm and aroused with the embers of it's contents swimming in me. is this a city or a pool.. an ocean or a night club because the effects of you are all over me and i cant help but like the way they make me feel. im feeling like fire. like winter and snow. im hot and cool but not mean and icy, im struggling to keep my heart in my pocket, please dont fumble with my pockets. the beating is spreading so quickly, through my body and this is like an earthquake, there goes all the good and all the bad within this city and there goes everything into the ocean and i cant breath but im breathing in the depths of you and im trying to throw my valuables in the vault. this and that, to save them from this severe water damage that is bound to make us wishy-washy about everything but im not. and your not. and i cant. and you cant. and you could, but you wont and i wont but i could and i should stop this and you should stop that and we could start that without any of this, and why is this the easiest hardest thing ive ever done, my heart a tangle of twizzlers, a sweet sticky heaping mess of the best thing i cant shake.

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