Friday, December 2, 2011

Flick of Lash

Indirect let down.
The atmosphere has everything to do with it. Truth not acceptable here. Only visa and actions not up to par. Park bench isolation. Words working wonders. Wonders enhanced by words. Nothing is working. Catch your breath before you go. Asthma attack, can't relax. Sunshine blazing and I can't see you. Bragging and reacting.  Reacting to the actions of a reaction. Hats covering eats to disclose information previously heard. Jackets covering body, the same body you could crumple against. Passing by without a flick of lash. Lashing out at the idea somewhere else. No stop commotion. Come on, where's the motion. Stop and Go. This is not the city bus. We are constantly getting on and off each other. Whore. We such sluts with one another. Bold smart. Not smart. Dumb. I'm with stupid.  Not really, actually, stupid checked out. Library book expired, but still in my pockets. Stupid is contagious. Over thinking. Perhaps if I never see you again. Good thing? Drop the line. Ill try and walk it. Noticing the curve in the vocabulary. Sentence structure lacking connectivity. Oxygen cut, reaching for constants to rearrange for a lifeline, I should throw in the gummy heart, melt the sugar right down to a cube, place that cube under my tongue and keep this idea apart of me and not a rotten egg in a carton of flowers..

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