Sunday, May 13, 2012

Everything Everything Everything

Everything makes sense in the dark.
The darknesss of clubs and libraries and parties.
Everything makes sense with liquid.
In the rain, cans of beer, short shots of amber coloured deviance.
Everything seems better with affection.
Quick touches of the lips, squeezes of the thighs, brushing of hands.
Everything makes sense to the music.
The babes mean more, the love is stronger, the want is more powerful, the lust is true.
Everything is truer in the candy store.
Gumballs pleading inncocene, gummy bears pray for you to feel the truth.
Everyone looks better through the bottom.
Glass boats; happy swimmers, Empty bottles; people smile wider.
Everything seems much more real in the sunlight.
Blemishes enhanced, crooked teeth suddenly much more scattered, dirty appearing dirty.
Everything is a kilt of everything else.
Nothing making sense unless you're willing to tie conclusions.
Are you willing.
Check out my dirt.
Tell me what you want to make of it.

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