Friday, May 18, 2012

Open Cages

Places, calling to you like mothers in the night, they want to care for you. Maps, drawing conclusions on things that will never end, you have no end. Institutions, places that want you to call them home, they want to house you in. Dropping off the earth, why did we give it that name? Questioning the signs, the signs that lead you in new directions, old directions. Tired of directing? Open spaces, trying their best to close you in. Caged, the closeness almost comforting. Conformity and you are not about to adapt. Distant dates, not in the future tense. Tense.. The past is adapting to you, moving with your movements now. Tense, talk about us currently. Places moving, not affected my climate. Maps, distorted, certainly to throw you off. Institutions, getting craftier in their enrollment. Dropping questions, tied? 
Open cage, conforming distant tenses.

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