Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Morbid Lust

A turn in direction for a budding opinion towards a matter you really didn't think pertained to you until suddenly the rapture of your heart weighs heavy in the lining of your ears and makes you hear all sorts of pleading indifferences. You cannot decide, but would it be silly to think this is something to just decide. Matters of the heart, are fragile, and spontaneous and never really seem to add up according to style or colour or imagination. Why are you dancing on the ledge of something spectacular, to plunge would be misleading.. prohibited. a sham…. Perhaps this is exactly the eye opener you have been waiting for, not waiting, but the waiting room has kept you in a unknowledgeable state and now your heart, in a trance, seems wide awake and ready to blow you apart. A decision.. I think has already been made, without your acknowledgement but now it is the opportunity for all your vitals to slowly come together and realize and shake you. To realize yourself. A sudden new perspective through eyes the colour of your own but must belong to someone else because your heart is seeing double, feeling more, wants more, and you don't know if you are drunk or sober because this punch drunk feeling has to be linked to some morbid lust, doesn't it? Questioning yourself aloud, you are truly insane with the feelings that are suddenly puncturing your soul. Your mind. Your body. Puncture puncture puncture and you are slowly opening but not crumbling, and surely not leaking too much information.

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