Monday, May 7, 2012

A Fool in Sunshine


I'm looking up at you from the street level and I see you, but I cannot feel your warmth today. Why must you be so cold to me Sunshine, looking so lovely all the time. I want to believe you are only shining down on me but I would be a fool, a fool in sunshine, to believe I am the only one your little light rays reach too. I saw an old man in the park today, looking up into the open sky, I saw him looking at you and was envious of how you twinkled in his eyes, a real connection I saw there. Who is this man? My beloved sunshine, don't you realize how much my heart thaws for you, I want you everyday. The affair you thought I was having with the rain is true. I apologize but as often as you come out you are never around me, never showing me your affection. I see you, but I cannot feel you and the rain came pouring down on me in an effortless frenzy as if it knew me, stranger to each drop, I assure you there was no other encounter before that fateful day, but ever since I can promise you have I have been searching the clouds around you for the rain to fall. Sunshine, keep on shining, but not for me. I thank your little rays for gracing my paths, probably out of spite or for powers out of your control but I respect that. I'm going to sit now, in the shade, out of your rays, searching for rain. I want to be selfish with you but you are just too giving of the world around me. the rain is fleeting, it comes in a powerful dose and leaves a thundering rapture on my person and the softness and all the timeness of you, is not for a person like me. shine on, while I wait for the rain. I'll think of you always, and see you always after, for you always seem to come out to play once the rain has left me, as if a reminder of what I use too have and what I still have that isn't mine.

Forever Noting,
A Strange Passerby

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