Monday, October 10, 2011

A Bend in the Truth, Still Lies.

an action followed by a reaction, coming together with a sense of urgency. the urgency of stability coming through a wave length of compassion that doesn't exist. a trivial feeling of need washing over an even heavier feeling of grief, I've suddenly realized things I cannot tell you. an exuberance of everything blending towards a junction of saucy bureaus and ink smudges on winning tickets and sealed but, unaddressed letters and soft served ice cream in this hard hard world. a tactful leverage on the simplistic things, dipped into hate and served on the rocks. a bend in the truth, still lies. we lie with the trust and yet still hide, in the shadows of what we want and do we ever have it, but we'll tell you different to keep our pockets full and our hands busy. busy with what we want and no where close to cutting knots, creating new ones to keep everything uneasy. funny how the jokes aren't funny anymore and the cants/wonts/donts are the yes yes yes of what we've ran out of, suddenly where our no no nos are rooted from. neon signs show the vacancies of our hearts yet snap off when we get together. uncanny the relevance of the light bulb yet we choose to admit and dismiss it for the happy birthday hours of beautiful things and tender eyes in exchange for days of hiccups and heart punches, one up - video game swag like we're kids and nothing can touch us. but we can feel it, the touch of the axe, we're creating something to a certain point and then we realize a limitation, an obstacle we won't move so we exit and start again, always ending up to that exact same moment. treading on nothing with no treads, without a thought until the thoughts break the surface and all we can do is think think think about the actions and the feelings and a tangled messed this has turned out to be, at a time when we were so certain this is where we would not be. heavy heart, needs to lighten up.. valuables need not to stray for the serpent tongue of fantastic nanoseconds leaving you sea sick for days. the chemical, that one that links your heart and brain together so with every beat a thought is forced into your mind and you swallow it's importance because now is not the time for importance, for the matters of heart and mind battle are no match for the actions causing reactions. we are reacting in the best of worst times.

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