Monday, October 3, 2011

Forgetting the Age of the Company Around You

A playground filled with adult things; brief cases, lust and confidence. A jungle gym tangled up with deceit, embrace, and kisses. The forewarned actions of the ones you trust, trusted, and the ones you wish you could. An abandoned fate of actuality washing over flower beds with planted hate. An abundance of emotion all mixed around like milkshakes on a summer day, the associated acclamation of the ones you want to stay and the ones you want to send away. A party filled with just the right amount of truth and just the right amount of fun. Loot bags filled with party favors, of a different sort. Silently spilling substances into the punch and cake, sneaking mouthfuls of poison to keep the words at bay. Pin the tale on the donkey, you have quickly forgotten the age of the company surrounding you, you take part because you feel comfortable degrading yourself for a couple of moments, out of harms way. The mind realizes the foolishness of this action and stabs parts of yourself with hate, you rise from the challenge and settle with knowing what's at stake. You've become accustomed, to something you use to be, the younger version of yourself throws away its gained wisdom and flocks to safety in havens that won't fit your grown self. A game of hot potato, but you've taken to staying up late. A school ground tactic of whose who, and you want to fit in, you want to remain. Not sure when it happens, but you wake up and you think, what the hell.. Strung together with adult profanities, and you've decided to stay grown. You tried to be the bigger person, you even acted small.. But what's the point when your opponent is nothing but a slob.

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