Sunday, October 2, 2011

I've Got to Go, but I Stay Anyway

the interchanging ideas and the sudden breech of exactly what they were trying to save. the safety of this accident is quite upsetting to the audience of surrounding eyes waiting for the explosion of something much bigger then them, bigger then you and i. we aren't in fear but we are in the constant busstle of what we are doing, hyper aware of the in activeness of the activities we are engaged in, suited up ready to jump, but arent going to make the plunge because we cant decided what we actually want to do with ourselves so we dance on the possibilities and we weigh our ambitions on the strongness of our next moment, and then when they all snap into place, connect four, we are hungrier then hippos. so hungry for it, the fervent beauty of everything that is happening but we like it, oh yeah we like it and they like it oh yeah they like it. they are cheering for us! can you hear them, but we have our skeptics and we love them, we like them too but we cant help and enjoy their company. we are trying to cover it up, with anything we can find, but we are doing an awful job at it. this is such a bad job, but we keep at it because, well we arent to sure of anything but it feels so good, so we keep doing it and then everything crumbles and everything rebuilds and we knock it all down to watch it all come back together, and you're telling me stop but you're telling me to go and your asking me to stay and your asking me to stay and i cant help but stay, i want to stay, i've got to go, but i stay anyway.

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