Sunday, October 9, 2011

Between The Baseline And The Silence

To define the definition of the cracking sound your life makes in the middle of a crowd between the baseline and the silence. The drop of a drink causing a back splash of empathy towards the subject who is dying for company. Batting eyelashes in all directions, not tipsy, but walking a little crooked from this unnatural sort of events, and the source, who is documenting your plummet this evening will not show the beginning, a beginning of bedazzled calm and heart felt laughs, the ones that erupt deep inside the soul, where most laughs are kept. The break of everything. A heel… a nail… a heart… the break in the silence of a crowd between the baseline and the silence. Listening closely for they cant get their mouths off you, the lips are full of yous, pulling and pushing, a verbal tug-o-war on the things that build you up and break you down and their trying sweetie, they are trying to really break you down tonight. The love for a hot mess production in the gloomy setting of banging baseboards and you’ve stumbled to a no mans land beautiful and this is just the beginning to your end, and they had thought you ended a long time ago, but that voice, that nagging little voice that floats along the baseline has got it’s teeth in you and you really taste good because it’s beginning to sink to all new levels and it’s not leaving, not going anywhere, no exist in sight, and you’ll try to laugh it off because there in between the baseline and the silence your loving the loving off you’re getting and your so off, so far off.

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