Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love Burn Rush Breathe Bubble

the interesting actions of eyes. streaming conversation from a whole other language, from a whole other dictionary of verbs and nouns and adjectives and places that your not sure exist but they all look dazzling. such a state of piercing interaction happening. you watch it slow and steady, trying to highlight the importance in everything that is conjuring up and dancing about. sledge hammering wonder, swimming around like fishes and butterflies inside a skull of worries. dressing up curiosity with a semi sauntering idealism that keeps catching on your lips while you try to harbour all your blossoming fantasies inside the lining of your best clothes. wearing them on the town, not caring about the faces who try to pry open the seems with all they've got, really talking, expensive talk leaving cheap stains on the abundance of crushes you've collected and examined and swiftly left in other places so no one would mention the potential of it all. candle light entourage and a night to remember, watching everything we love burn and rush and breathe and bubble; watching everyone we know, love and burn and rush and breathe and bubble.

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