Monday, October 10, 2011

The Brutality of Your Friendship

The brutality of your friendship, imprisoning those all around you. You are such a waste of space. Time is ripping itself off the clock, one solitary second as each flick of the second hand is slicing into its own wrist. Suicide. You are friendship suicide. Voluntary of course, but you sucker them in. you make it so easy don’t you, that is your plan right, your shifty and worthless and entirely demeaning. Sometimes I think people only board that ship to really help you out, what they don’t realize is that you are plotting and planning to make yourself look ultra violet so this is your plan of attack. The words you spit are all ploys and decoys and easily spin your vocabulary like ugly spiders spin their webs and you are eating them you, your friends, one by one, all alive and suffering… this is your favourite part, to watch them squirm. Climbing in and out of their beds, smooth sailing – for you of, yes.. because that is all you ever think about, you and your makeshift friendships in your make-believe world, when will you grow up – sadly I wish it was all you’re fault but these people are dancing around you, fixated on the better of you, the hope of the better, optimistic fraudulence all neglecting and playing with these people’s emotions. Pitiful and grasperated, looking away to rush to your side, rushing to your side to look away, you’re shady. When your monarchy falls and they attack you and bring you down, we will throw a party and you won’t be invited, your ID doesn’t work here.. we don’t know you, your identification is a scam because you are a scam at life, this is a game and you don’t know how to play. we're sippin' coffee and getting jittery off the memories of you, the filth that remains in our minds of you.

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