Friday, July 6, 2012

People Clinking Against One Another

People clinking against one another, toasting to the idea of one another, together.
People don't stick. They make decisions and these decisions stick on you instead.
These decisions are made up of excuses mostly, but all of these excuses stem from the truth.
These decisions are often associated with time, space, characteristics, the weather.
They go further to incompass feelings, deadlines, and due dates.
The truth is feelings disappear.
You are hungry and suddenly you are full.
You are lonely and suddenly you are bombarded with company and you have to go.
People decide they want each other, decide they love.
Sometimes even feel this love.
Then love packs it bags and goes away, but nobody ever says "I actually just don't love you anymore."
They have eaten and now they are full and they were lonely but now they want to be left alone.
They throw bullets at you about the person you are the person you seemingly always were.
The pieces of you they conjured up to sneak out of you, the pieces you preferred to keep to yourself.
They coo you out of your cage so they can dislike everything aloud in a moment of goodbye.
When really the love has up and left them high and dry and they can't tell you that.
Admit to love's defeat.
Who does that?
People sticking to the ideas.
People making up things inside their heads to cure the absence of love.

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