Monday, July 16, 2012

Selflessly Selfish

there is a time and there is a place
i am nowhere near the place i want to be
i cant get back there, i was there
the time just isnt in the cards for me
these cards to a game that i want to play
want to get involved
places far from me betting scores, wanting more
better sunlight, are you seeing this clearly
the distance is making me a little eerie of the
sudden volcanos popping up in my district
why all of the sudden am i not so strict,
letting go and pulling in
sucking on cigarettes
looking for a different perspective on what ive got to give
why am i feeling so selflessly selfish
so hungry for something
so something for nothing
there is a beat of some sort of animalistic heart
on a repeat status from some other mechanism of
music or art and or something coming alive,
coming together,
and im usually the one to hide
check, 1  2 3
pay attention, listen.

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