Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Worm in the Bottle, Name Him Amigo

Poisoned lovers and melting rainbows.
Sadness evaporating with each toke.
Swimming in a bottle, a bottle with a worm.
Name that worm Amigo because he's my only friend.
Dye my hair the colour of malt vinegar because all the people I meet look like fish.
Serve these fishes up with chips because I'm hungry for fullness, closeness.
Fireflies in my eyes have me looking glossy.
Flower child dance, out of my pants, all I want is you.
Summer heat changing the pace of feet and everything moves real hazy.
Crashing and burning with a starry sky, everything seeming better late at night.
Milkshakes to make our hips shake.
Laughter in a distant place.
Fuzzy tongues and sugary teeth making everything taste fun.
Liquid pleasure, never running dry, always sparking more fire.
Summer lust and 60 second romances.
Reeling a fishing rod to catch my favourite fishy people.

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