Monday, July 30, 2012

Remember the Worm in the Apple

i always figured the worm in the apple was just a fable.
a tale made up because kids didn't want to eat their fruit.
what parents make their kids eat bugs, worms even, none.
it was a pretty good fable, but i still ate fruit. still enjoy it.
didn't realize the reality of that apple till i grew up and 
learned fancy words like imagery and irony and then
i really connected the dots to both apple and worms...
the apple is on a larger scale, much riper, a worldly piece
of the planet, sometimes the entire planet, and most 
often it happens to be anywhere and everywhere.
doesn't matter the time of day, those worms, they
figure their way into just about all the nooks and 
crannies of all their beloved apple, their world, it
is just one big plump apple ..waiting for their company.
the worms, they know exactly who they are.
they usually are always worms, but they dress real pretty,
and talk real differently, but at the end of it all.. they
usually are just worms. sunsets, keys.. the worms
experience most of it, but wiggle their way into other
havens, all a bunch of different sort of apples.. 
you meet the worms the hard way
you rid of the worms usually the same hard way
sometimes they leave nicely, but you can never
be sure if you have rid yourself of them, because 
they make connections to your core - 
you sometimes become the apple.

when that happens you usually get a little torn
and meet new worms, in the bottom of bottles.
filled with a liquid the colour of desire, and 
everything meshes together in a heavenly glow.
while you try to rid yourself of the all the worms you know.

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