Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Snakes We Know

Snakes with hands slithering on their feet to make ends meat.
Those same snakes bursting with venom that come out in verbal contagions.
The bullets then seeking their prey and absorbing into their shoulders, right behind their backs.
Creatures with such malice participating in a paid cage fight.
Willingly embarking on a cliché fight from a lunch table of chatty lip glossed preteens.
Knocking knuckles with the team and not out of a sign of respect but out of revenge.
Eyes hungry for all the misfortunes coming your way.
Opportunities never missed to boast the ego of another.
Snakes slithering in a concrete jungle.
Winding. Dipping. Diving. Depriving. Vengeance.
Artifical intelligence, primal revenge.
Pretty women in their combat boots fighting a war that they've brought upon themselves.

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