Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boys With Names Sippin' Drinks Called The Same

they say if your going, to take your heart and guts. blonde haired disco divas slammin' back shots. twisted little faces, puckering their mouths and temptation sure does look good after a couple of shots. highway driving in the middle of suburbia. bandannas in our hair but we really aren't giving up. pretending we have secrets while we sip our cups. swimming in pools full of cocktails and we aren't losing much. game face on but the game is over.meeting different people, trying to get closer.watermelon chap stick has got things magnified,and boys can't help but collapse at this disguise.summer sun lightening our vision high heels got us on a whole other mission. dipping into pools that belong to our neighbors,high five idealistics got everything on fire. plastic money to buy their plastic dreams.the all American present is getting reamed. global ambition and we're "rolling in the deep"sugar cube mentality, and tongues looking suspicious glorified fashionistas, pretty boy kisses old school games with old school drinks - modernized playground of jacks and jacks. no ball, no plastic pieces. boys with names sippin' drinks called the same.

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