Monday, May 16, 2011

Lost Stars, Sinners Repent

breaking hearts that might already be broken. cigarettes unlit but we're already smoking. people jumping for the ceiling, trying to catch a flight. flicking on their sunglasses even though it's already night. waiting for the wake up call that just isn't coming, kids getting looped out - straight slumming. times flying by but we don't really care. laughing at each others jokes, dare i dare. falling over one another to get to the phone, no body's calling and no body's home. laugh tracks keeps playing, like a song on repeat - there is not much music but we dance to it's beat. crumpled up ambition we shoot for the net, land upon lost stars, sinners repent. fashionable poisons, we inject into our sleeves - off the cuff notions full of stamina and steez. concentrated slumber, but we won't sleep. kisses from mouths of absolute strangers, we don't mind the contact. contacting people on whole other levels, ladders reaching spaces that you didn't know were there. size able candies all wrapped and ready to go, cracking up words and throwing them out. wilding out in a conservative setting, no place mats or ties of embellishment. no tidy attitude to step on your high. a beautiful day. a sun. a sky. shopping carts full of envy and your shopping for composure, disciplining radiation, a fiery romance. let me. i want to. i want to romance you.

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