Monday, May 16, 2011

Dancing to The Cure Like You Need a Dose of Medicine

don't take it lightly when you hear i love you, the rust on the outside isn't comparable to that of the diamonds that have encrusted the inside of something much more beautiful. follow the answers to questions, question the answers and rewrite your offer. sugar on the table and i would like to see your signature. statue of evidence in a fish net oasis, and high powered dreams can't fight this fire. touching down in different places - twirling around in fashionable manner. looking for a bitter solution of all this happiness. a league of upsetting dreams, leaving you up late at night. impressionable tools with the coincidence of locations, off the rack studio time and a serious sense of pride. a severe lip gloss with the intensity to grab stars out of the sky and place them safely in your pocket, a place that houses coins and trinkets, beers and drugs, ambition and desire, lust and love. dancing to the cure like you need a dose of medicine. lightening tricks and there is no magic in what i've got to tell you, all-star setup and i can't help writing. yearbook secrets in a swollen bind for years to come, glossy covered rumours with no place to go.

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