Monday, May 16, 2011

Horizon Robbery

Icy irises and liquid lips on faces of people in the sun and delicious ideas flowing from the corner of your mind to the sky. The horizon begins to clothe the table for a fancy party and invitations pressed against tongues time and time ago. Arriving in your best decor dressed for the dance floor and for bed. Who's venue, who's room - minor details that won't phase you tonight. Twinkling stars act like Christmas lights and its not that time of year, thank the young heavens for that for the breeze of Jupiter are kissing our exposed skin, exposed dreams, and exposed infatuation tonight. Gardens of kisses and in the night of star dust we will blossom with mesmerizing integrity. A summery feeling catching glimpses of ability and the ability of your pride now rests assured in the corners of blind eyes. Robbing you of your contents, contents you didn't realize i could see, things you've put away. and the brand new day is calling me to the inside of secrets and a new perspective is enclosed in this piece of happiness. an effecting affection spinning the wheels and the direction has changed, falling in love with the voice on your robbery, straight shooting. pillows left, cold side to the sky and were going out - no sleeping, masked to the nines and the summer is going to break you free and there will be a time and place for everything other than that. a house of glass and i can see you, seeing me, seeing each other. a perplexed complexity on the moon and hello summer sun good bye spring tears, robbing you for much more than you will realize.

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