Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love is an Hallucinogen

machine gun legs, walking the line with only her nostrils. straight crunk, her love is your hallucinogen. passing time around, callin' it a bowl. no utensils, bring your face, let us help you expose. body climbing with no actual motion, fluids/toxins releasing your emotions. tripping but you're sitting down, causing a commotion. naked and burnt, just like a marshmallow, enjoying the smoke of nature and feeling real mellow. dancing to the music you've found in your head, no electricity but you've found some instead. all hands, all mouths, all ideas, all fumble. pawing for the occasion, who's birthday is it anyways? twisted off a different kind of potion, skin feeling so perfect, no lotion. the ides of everything colliding in a haze of crystal, rolling things up like party favours. 

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