Monday, January 14, 2013

Chalk It Up to an Astrological Experience

All you want is answers. 
Answers without questions. 
I can't read your mind. 
If I could I wouldn’t wast my time. 
I am short on space, because your ego is in the room. 
There is an elephant with Gloria and no one will ask it's name. 
I went to a party once and someone said my stars were aligned. 
That was the night you hit me with your car, made me see stars. 
You didn't ask my name but I gave it to you anyway. 
It was an accident but I can't help blaming the stars. 
Your eyes were like furious cosmos as you helped me off the road. 
I blamed the universe for having us meet. 
I couldn't come to terms when you left. 
I went to all these parties searching for you, instead I found bottles. 
Some filled with liquid and some filled with little capsules that could make me float. 
You were never in any of those bottles, or those parties. 
I asked around, no one even knew who you were. 
(did I make you up inside my head) 
I chalked it up to a astrological experience. 
I don't believe in astronomy, 
But I did believe in you.

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