Thursday, January 10, 2013


a sordid girl wearing only absorbent. chasing the days away with an entirely different daze. a shot for a shot in whatever shop will let her tongue twist the key hole and allow entry. bumping into mix company, the cocktails flow quite meaningfully when the meaning is as demeaning as the shoes on her feet there is nothing to worry about when it comes to spilling a web of disastrous obstacles. the painted claws, that resemble little pebbles found in the bottom of fish tanks in dentist offices, gauge out whomever ears are in earshot. her mouth chews on the images of her surroundings and the fluff that is puffed from her self loathing depiction is an oasis for all whom they encounter, like Medusa and her head of serpents there is a siren's call to her life experience, because it lacks and the slack of it all is a result of the smoke stacks releasing all of the bluff into an atmosphere that is certainly staining the teeth of good company, the company indeed wanting to inspire and transcribe to all that lacks plastic and resembles something much more meatier, much more organic. but there is a lot of discombobulated communication teetering on the verge of direction and while she sways through the crowds we pray not to lose her, but then we realize we don't even know who she is, because her humanity has drained and it is straining to even try and decipher this human just being, being her surroundings and gassing out the rest. adapting to the adaptations of everyone else.

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