Monday, January 21, 2013

Pebbling Rock Foundation

His world seemed to waiver and it was a strange sensation considering nothing had ever buoyed in his life. He was a rock, from a family of rocks. Their specialties were foundations and he had lost his own footing. He embraced this feeling as a new beginning. He became a pebble, with no foundation, free to roam wherever he pleased. He tumbled through life and was unease and unnerved but entirely moved. He traveled and saw things he wouldn't of seen confined to his foundation. As he pebbled up and over he saw things and learned things and even embraced things. As he went along he created his very own foundation. A traveling foundation of strengths and flaws and he became a better man. A better man from losing his footing and feeling a heavy loss of himself and suddenly growing and expanding his shield but opening it as well to not only see but to be seen.

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