Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Cusp of Two Cigarettes

She drew him in like a cigarette, a quick pull of the babe. 
He engulfed her, inside and out, clinging to her clothes. 
She was aloof to all he desired, stuck in her own head. 
He was adapting to everything she surrounded, couldn't get away. 
She was on the cusp of the universe, waiting to crash. 
He had crashed into her, creating entirely a new world. 
She was an addict and he was not her fix. 
He was addicted and couldn't fix her. 
She spoke loudly, made quick decisions and left. 
He stayed silent, slowly processing where she could've gone. 
She was found in her dark place, just above her temples, contemplating. 
He swam through her mind trying to pull her back in. 
She lit him up, like her favourite cigarettes. 
He stayed lit to fit into her, and held on for his dear life.

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