Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lack of My Terrible Things, Keeps You Lovely

all the marvellous things i want to tell you would counter react all the terrible things i could tell you in their place, but i won't i won't tell you all of my terrible things because i want to keep you lovely. i want to keep you the way you are, unless you decide to change or grow or something, but it's got to be all you - your deciding, i will not make you terrible on the account of all the terrible things i have, my own terrible things. i won't share them with you because you are lovely, and i feel lovely when i am with you, and all of my terrible things they seem a little less terrible and i know it's only because you aren't terrible, not even a little bit - not even at all. and all my terrible things seem to settle when you are around, and it is lovely. just like you are. terribly lovely, you aren't one of my terrible things, you don't belong to me and that just might be what is keeping you so lovely.

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