Thursday, January 10, 2013

Suffering Needs Those Who Survive

When it all mashes together and seems like a stew, 
Your life is faltering on someone else's news. 
And you're going to make it, even if you don't try. 
You're going to make it because suffering needs those who survive. 
And the emotion that wells way deep inside, 
Is waiting for an outlet -a shock of surprise. 
For there is a force somewhere close to the surface, 
And it surely serves you a purpose.. 
With definitions undefined, you are searching for a disguise, 
Cringing from the light won't keep you in the dark, 
Playing for keeps can become quite stark. 
There seems to be an audience, out in that oasis.. 
They watch you, timely, counting faces. 
The amount of recollection that slips through your fingers, 
Is a dangerous thing to lose. 
For the monsters that surround you, harbor the things you choose. 
And with all the decisions on your shoulders, 
The mind does begin to wander. 
And with glimpses of a different kind. 
You really do lose your mind.


  1. love this.
    hope you won't mind if i borrow a line or two for a song?

  2. Replies
    1. ...then once it's out of my shipwreck of a mind, and into some semblance of order on paper, i shall send you a copy of the lyrics!
      thank you, and keep on feeding us your mind!

    2. Thank you one hundred times over. I look forward to reading it. Keep doing what you're doing as well. :)