Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tacky On Your Existence

Your heart is black like a cavity. I never understood why sugar, something so kind would become demented and black and tacky on the caps of teeth. But then I never really knew why people did the same thing, brought so much sweetness into your days to go and turn black and cold and tacky on your existence. I never understood how they could be the same. Are people made of sugar? Sugar with it's grainy tentacles looking for a life source to drain, so it can become a stain on a once preciously gleaming surface. That's what people do, they attach themselves to you, they link themselves and match your stride in the park and hold your hands in the company of your friends and kiss you behind the ear when bringing you a cup of coffee from behind, no sugar in that coffee it's always been better that way, but that doesn't change this person, the way you drink your coffee won't change a person - so keep drinking it with or without sugar, it doesn't make a difference to the person - just your teeth.

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