Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Almost-Peppermint Flick of the Heart

The reverent times of colliding minds, with a dash of ecstasy to pump the blood. The divine moment when the thing you wanted wasn't actually something you could obtain, a mere thought. When thoughts suddenly come into perspective, and tilt the way your heart beats. The happening of happenings and you weren't even sure what was going on to begin with. The consent of including yourself, when you've always excluded yourself and you're loving every tantalizing moment of it. The eagerness of your now surely hooked hands and the eagerness of your heart all rattling together the urgency to say something, the confidence that saying something is important, the power behind the speech but more importantly the actuality of it the speech and it's actually being spoken. The ques. The persistent stammering of wanting more, not settling, not shutting up because you always shut up - and this is not the time nor place to moment to let your mouth zip shut but to feast on the opportunity to share the minutes on the clock, the bite in the air, the warmth in the pockets. The pick pocketing eyes, fishing for more speech, the almost peppermint flick of a heart beat that is fingering a life that as instantly become so much more important to you, you don't bother asking if it's even possible you simply nurture the entire aspect of the cause.

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