Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lookin' All Smokey

the transition of good to worse and then worse to OK and then OK to just this. A warm up and on the best track. There is a mix match of beautiful identity and commitment to a whole other world that were living in. Its a cause to withdraw all ties and leap into a state of possibilities. Ecstatic static whispering through the radio and were going to shut it down for the actualities of our separate destinies. Lets really be cool in this percentage of our vices. Wanna argue? Im feeling for a bite. Compose us a song to play on our days, the same song Ill turn off whenever I'm feeling good on the edge of misunderstanding and avoiding eye contact so all flames stay out. Kaput! The ashes make me look so smokey and thats the cause of effects I love to look all smokey.

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