Friday, March 30, 2012

Altitude of Happiness, Longitude of Expansion

When you reach a moment in your life, when all your other moments slowly fade out like the title of a movie on the big screen, and you are content with the exact fragment of time that you are living in. The serenity of that moment, overwhelms the senses, with an appealing sense of privacy, you want to show the world your guts. The act of being on your toes becomes a more sensual matter and nothing that has seemed so much like a vacation right in your backyard. Suddenly wanting. Suddenly wondering. The moments all string together to create this scuff in time and you're loving the perfect imperfections of all it's surroundings. The canvas, human based, mixed with much more urgency and matched with the same amount of desire. The amount of affection you want to give, and the amount of whatever you receive is the furthest from your mind because you are immediately at an altitude of Happiness and longitude of expansion when in the company of this moment and all the other little moments, fragmenting into something breathtaking.

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