Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Picasso of a Picture, Your Body is Experiencing

the sun trail blazes at a speed so romantic it makes you want to sneeze due to the crossing beams of reflecting innocence. the sudden change in temperature defining everything your heart is seeing in the matter of seconds, on a clock that tells no time, but a  feeling that is making it's way from the pit of your desire to the cuticles of your hands, and making you want to grasp it all with your teeth, to taste the glitter of something so surreal, there isn't enough proper wordage to make out the exact Picasso of a picture your body is experiencing. super power, hot line, looking for some help - operator, anybody? what is all this goodness about.. the obstacle of trying to dutifully not miss the envelope lick of a package you so carefully want to tear apart and explore, and keep well together and protected. the evil postmark of souvenir happiness but the collectible look of enchanting soul that is being dissolved right before your eyes and ingested with the spell of the night while the moon does nothing but protect you with a close little scratch in the sky, and offers a spotlight to dance within and to feel warm and safe and natural like the surroundings slowly coming undone around your landscape.

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