Thursday, March 29, 2012

Supreme Fortune in You

scribbling colours on an already colourful situation, and the situation of this situation is involving much more of me then i thought it would, what was i thinking exactly, not quite sure any longer. but i am glad i have tricked myself out of the funk that so heavily wipes the sunlight out of my eyes, happiness. there is a nice jaunt of happiness in the meekness of the days and everything is now ballooning into such greatness, there is a supreme fortune in the way you smile. there is an extreme fortune in the person you are. the uplifting undertow of wanting to be pulled under and embraced in a conversation that has words breaking barriers, causing physical pleasure and mental love. the water-based paint all swirling together an even better picture that i think either of us were ever really dreaming of... the wonderful smoothness in the way, which way, doesn't matter, there is no destination for we are our own landscape - watching the people of everyday life live without knowing what we know of each other. a supreme fortune in you.

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