Monday, March 5, 2012

Smoke Some Oak

the nautical technicalities of the broke ass day, dimes spent on sunshine and we ain't looking both ways. passing up the passage on these brand new pages, no ink on the arms so no ink in the spaces. dancing on the faded and skipping on this town, looking for a future and not touching ground, a little higher then expected what did we roll up, rolling up with no expectations and getting blown up. hungry for a hunger that is a little more relaxed, not looking for over done, sit down and watch your back. cooking up something hot, turning on the fire, dont get to close your hair spray wont give you power, but illuminate the room with the air between your ears, a laughing out loud concept but nobody really cares. turning up the volume to drown out all your worries, ain't worrying about the volume, we're turning up the volume. making up tickets - to a sold out show - trying to be apart of the movement that sold out weeks ago, buying all the merch so we can look all fresh and shit, but fresh shit ain't got nothing on the produce that these kids be feigning for a dose like they all sick - coughing up their lungs for the same old tricks, smoke some oak like they know all about tree, these kids no nothing about the rich or the royalties, spending the lego, plastic currency. 

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