Saturday, March 17, 2012

For the Love of Love

for the love. if you even know what your love is all about, do you now .. do you got the love. love love love. what the love is up with that love. falling away and dropping it off on the curb, curbside love. the love is lost, the love is found. looking for love that doesn't want to be loved around. The loving dodge ball game of what the love loves you, and the disconnection on the love has got no love for you coming thru and the love that has been discarded and blown into the wind, has long since left you and you will never be loved again. the love for the here, the love for the now, the love for this and the love for that is all slowly vanishing, the disappearing love, for you’re loving things that can’t love you back. And for the love of love, do you have love’s back?

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