Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make Believe

Make believe me a stranger and put our pass on the shelf. Make believe me a friend, like I never left. Make believe me a hero like I wasn't scared. Make believe you a friend and don't call me out, not this time, let me have this time. Make believe the day and just stay a little while longer. Make believe the situation like there was no sickness no distance no conclusion left in a puddle or a taxi cab or a vacation. Make believe you a pint the biggest around and Make believe you a drunk, tell me just how it felt. Not make believing this emotion you really have got to speak so I can speak. Make believe a loose lip and make believe me some courage, string up my courage to tell you I was afraid to have you. To tell you the truth I thought I dreamt you up, too good to be true, a scary thought. Make believe away the make believe and give me the light of the moon to spill, fess up, Make believe the light of day, I'll have to take you by the moon.

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