Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Losing Time

time, adding up and subtracting little marks into my soul, into my memories, into me. time, washing things away and conjuring them up just as quickly. time, making a mess out of everything; a mess out of you, and a mess out of me. time, taking it's time, is it allowed to do that? time, racing on by making me move faster, making you leave sooner, making this end quicker. time, never on my side. time, always on the go. time, forgetting to let me go, always has a hold on me, the notion of those hands, their actions doing much more than ticking and tocking. time, stepping on me and stepping on you and stepping on this. time, forgetting it, losing it. how did i do that, lose the time. time, orderly and disorderly, keeping it organized, managing all the i've got on the watch and watching it tick and tock right back at me. time, laughing at me. making me a fool. time, disappearing in the black hole where all the other clocks must go. time, i'm keeping my time on you and keeping some time for me. all while lost among your untimely timing.

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