Saturday, June 23, 2012

None of this "YOLO" Business

oh i'm sorry i forgot to tell you that i stopped giving a fuck, and i don't know what's what, and i don't care if your not tough because i've stopped giving a fuck. oh and i'm sorry i'm not sorry, and i'm not in any hurry, and if your on your duck and cover tip - you better duck and scurry because i'm just hanging out not giving a fuck. please to report to you that i just don't care, and that i'm not going anywhere, and i got no where to be because i stopped giving a fuck and i'm just doing what i please, what means i'm just doing me and whatever you start doing, take care, be free - because i've stopped giving a fuck. none of this YOLO business, none of this high high high i'm so fly.. these cars, these times..  because not giving a fuck ain't that hard and there is no provision in this type of peace of mind. let me give you a piece of my mind, because your wasting your time, giving a fuck.

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