Monday, June 18, 2012

Pulling Out All My Eyelashes, Making Wishes

time melting from the clock, why is it taking so long, where have the restrictions gone. sun setting just above the sound, i want to hear you louder now, then ever before. dancing within the distant silence, looking for a catch of light. making wishes on stars, and pulling out all my eyelashes to see if i can get exactly what i want. high heel obstacles and empty cups. no more parties, no more rush. a celebration to all that has happened, to all that is happening, to the beginning of the ending and the ending of the beginning, the comfort in the comfortable. be comfortable with me. dance with me. lets go home together, you and i.. safe risks, just looking for some oxygen for my moronic state of being. loosing my footing, not sure where to go, whom to call. i want to tell you everything i want to say, i want to stay, keep me.. highlight me and mark me as important, finding pennies and keeping all the luck. ive become a greedy fuck, a greedy fuck for you. 

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