Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quick Flashbulbs of Your Skin

A burst of a million little moments settling on an already unsettling shoulder, urging me to take cover in your eyelashes, warmed by the flush of your cheeks, memorize my fret. Feel the washing of everything, other, all in the flick of a tongue. Allow my passion to grow hungry and feast on your love. Explore the fullness of the lip and charge into the unbearably smooth contours of a being stretching to be ever reminded of the touch, heat you up, and seer my skin. A heavenly reminder of where I've been. Leave your clothes aloof in my bed, housing the scent, I am painstakingly trying to remember, when the aroma of you throws me into a frenzy. Disrupt my thoughts with quick flashbulbs of your skin. I am alive, but this must be close to wherever heaven is.

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